We only charge when you do, and when we do we keep our fees as low as possible.

Self Service

Get started immediately with the Self Service option. Generally recommended for events with up to 1,000 guests.

  • $1.00 + 2.5% paid tickets*
  • No Fee for Free Tickets
  • At Event Equipment $50 per device
  • Online & Email Support
  • Standard EventSprout Features
  • Onsite Will Call List
* Payment processing fees will also apply

Full Service

Full Service partnership for larger, more complex events. Generally 1,000 guests or more.

  • Custom Pricing
  • No Fee for Free Tickets
  • At Event Equipment Custom Pricing
  • Online, Email, & Phone Support
  • Standard EventSprout Features
  • Onsite Will Call List
  • Reserved Seating
  • Customized Print-At-Home Tickets
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Full Service Event Set-Up & Management
  • Onsite Staffing Option
  • Personalized Training
Frequently asked questions
  • How often do payouts/settlements occur?
    Stripe, EventSprout’s payment processor, is adaptable to your preferred schedule. Standard payout timing is 2 business days in the United States. If you would prefer an alternative fixed schedule, Stripe allows weekly and monthly payouts, which can be updated in your account’s Payout Settings. Learn more about Stripe’s Payout Schedule.
  • How are fees paid?
    There are two ways fees can be paid on EventSprout:
    1. Adding the fees to your customer’s order total (this is the default method)
    2. Absorbing the fees and paying directly from your ticket revenue

    Most Event Organizers opt to pass the fees to their customers, making EventSprout completely free to the operator. Fee settings can vary by event and can be changed at any time by the Event Organizer.

  • Can I change from self-service to full-service once my account is created?
    Yes! If at any point you feel the full-service option would better fit your needs, please reach out to to discuss a customized plan that is right for you.

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