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Sell tickets to your online event and host a live stream through EventSprout’s virtual event software. With the Event Organizer in mind, EventSprout makes building your virtual event simple, convenient, and effortless.

  • Grow your event by going virtual

    • Without capacity limitations, you can sell more tickets to your online event than you would be able to in-person!
    • Send reminders, collect email addresses for communication, and grow your customer database by doing everything online through EventSprout.

  • Host a private live stream event for your customers

    • Automatically send unique, private links to your attendee list.
    • Sign up your customers and host your live stream all from one place.
    • EventSprout’s easy-to-use CRM features make it easy to collect and manage attendee information.

  • Free chat box offers added engagement with customers and members

    • Encourage interaction during your next virtual business conference or live streamed concert.
    • Attendees can use the chat box to communicate with the host and each other without having to create an account.
    • Hosts can mute users and delete messages at their discretion.

  • Customers watch from any device

    • Attendance is made simple with virtual event software that allows customers to access a live stream on any device: mobile phones, computers, and tablets.
    • Spare your customers some time - no need to download an app or special software; customers can watch a live stream directly through EventSprout on their browser.

Simple Pricing

Pricing that scales with your event

Receive your live stream revenue as tickets are purchased; on EventSprout, you don’t have to wait until your event has concluded to get paid for the tickets you sold. Set up payouts on a schedule that makes sense for you -- choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand payouts.

What's included

  • Live Streaming Video

  • Live Chat

  • Ticketing Features

  • EventSprout Support

Starting at

$2 + 2.5% per ticket

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